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 the debut novel from  Paul R. Grimshaw, 150-years in the making

Available from,,  as a Kindle eBook, or in high quality trade paperback from Barnes And Noble (Market Common) Myrtle Beach, Litchfield Books (Pawleys Island, S.C.),  XCON Comics (Myrtle Beach), North Myrtle Beach Area Historical Museum, and at select Walmart Stores throughout S.C.  

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READ THE PREQUEL - Releasing Nov 1, 2015 "Voyagers of the Gray Dawn."

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Early Reader Reviews    4.75 stars (out of 5)

Highly recommended. Creative, imaginative, colorful, likable characters." GSM

"..the best part is seeing how common folk ultimately drive the political/societal/historical outcomes we take as inveitable." M. J.

"None have mastered [time travel] better than Paul Grimshaw.  This is time-travel literature, with a good dose of suspense, and even some romance,  The writer manifests a sharp understanding of the time-space continum and the consequence of disturbing it.  I will be the first in line when the move opens." B. C.

"In his new book, Grimshaw sustains the magical sense of temporal dislocation, pulling us down through a wormhole to an alternate universe, where the South has won the [Civil] War, and all is eerily familiar, yet strange. The author skillfully uses our own sense of uneasy dirorientation to build toward an exciting climax."  P.F.

" grabs you from the beginning and never slows down.  The characters are well thought out and the story flows.  [The] author got it right and I was hooked from the start, and could not wait to find out where all the twists and turns would lead."  B.R.

What if...?

What if the South, the Confederacy, had won the American Civil War?  

The question of the C.S.A. winning this most horrific of all U.S. conflicts, was far from the minds of three Civil War reenactors preparing to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg in July, 2013; that issue had been settled 150 years ago on many bloody battlefields.  Yet, in the midst of the most celebrated reenactment ever staged, men are inexplicably felled by real bullets while artillery shells fly overhead.

How is this possible?

In "Travelers of the Gray Dawn," the first novel from freelance journalist Paul Grimshaw, three accidental warriors, ill-prepared and unarmed reenactors, must fight their way out of the chaos of real war, and try to make heads or tails of the apparant time-warp in which they'd found themselves.  Just after the worst fighting of the horrific Battle settles down, they somehow arrive back in 2013 only to find the world a very different place than the one they knew just hours earlier.  

The U.S.A. no longer exists.

Fast-moving, action-packed and movie-like in the storytelling, it's been suggested that "Travelers of the Gray Dawn" is like an intriguing mix of "Cold Mountain" meets "Back to the Future," with a little "National Treasure" and "Twilight Zone" thrown in for good measure.

A fun, fast read with car chases, shoot-outs, overzealous G-Men, underground political factions, terrorists, and a love story at its heart. The book is part cautionary tale, part thriller, part detective story, and part romance, with just enough Sci-Fi and stripped-down Quantum Mechanics to make it plausible.
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To order First Edition print copies of Travelers of the Gray Dawn, by CHECK ONLY, signed by the author, please make check or money order payable "Paul Grimshaw" and send $17.00 (taxes and shipping included) for each book ordered, to:

Chart House Publishing
7601 Porcher Dr #3
Myrtle Beach SC, 29572

Remember, please make check payable "Paul Grimshaw," thank you!

Please enclose legible return shipping information with your check (continental U.S. only, please).  

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Book(s) orders will be fulfilled within 10 business days upon receipt of check, allow up to 14-days for shipping & handling.  Feel free to request short, special dedications, (To Betty, Happy Birthday!, etc.) if desired, for author notation on the book's inside cover.

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